Residents of Springfield in Massachusetts have many potential job opportunities, but five companies dominate the local economy. These Springfield businesses are notable for offering a wide range of different positions. Most of these paid positions should come with solid benefits packages as well. You should find work easily if you have experience in the medical field or with sales.

1. Baystate Medical Center

People who work in the medical field often enjoy fantastic job security. The Baystate Medical Center hospital offers many medical professionals a secure job in a safe environment. U.S. News and World Report rated the Baystate Medical Center very highly regarding its performance. It’s a remarkably safe and low-cost hospital that has a lot to offer employees and patients.

2. MassMutual

You’ll usually be able to find a job throughout most of the United States if you have experience with life insurance. MassMutual is one of the biggest life insurance companies in the United States. They also offer investment services and options for people interested in saving for retirement. It’s clear that MassMutual offers services that people will need at each of their life stages. Your job will last if you work for a company like this.

3. Mercy Medical Center

You won’t have a difficult time finding high-quality medical care in Springfield. The Mercy Medical Center hospital is another prominent Springfield employer. It’s clear that this is a great area for the people who have a background in the medical field. This hospital has a wide range of different programs and services. Mercy Medical Center offers occupational therapy, continuing care network services, driver alcohol education, and inpatient substance abuse treatment.

These are just a few of the programs and services that they provide. You might be able to find a great job here if you have a unique specialty in the medical field. Some people in the medical field who are not specifically doctors or nurses might have a hard time finding a job at some hospitals. It should be easier for you to find something at the Mercy Medical Center.

4. Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson produces some of the most famous American firearms. Springfield happens to be the home of the company’s corporate headquarters. Smith & Wesson is absolutely a successful company. Any large company like this will tend to have a wide range of different job opportunities. You might be able to get a job with them if you have a lot of experience in sales and marketing. You may or may not need to have experience with the actual product to work at Smith & Wesson.

5. General Dynamics

General Dynamics is a major defense company that has a strong presence in Springfield. They’re notable for providing excellent benefits packages for their employees. Finding companies that offer full benefits packages can be rare these days. General Dynamics offers wellness programs as well. This is a great company for you if you strongly care about stability.

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